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The Ultimate Guide to Make a Free Website [3 Steps]

Imagine you have just started moving toward the path of starting an online business, but you are not quite familiar with the concept. So instead of paying hundreds, let’s make a free website and get the best out of your unpaid bucks.

3 Steps to Make a Free Website


A website is for online business what a shop or a store is to a traditional brick and mortar business.

You can have this website in 20 minutes. That’s right. ONLY IN 20 minutes! and ONLY IN 3 STEPS!

Making a free website over coffee
Look at this happy guy who just created his website over a cup of coffee!

The essential part of every online business is its website. It’s the online presence that makes an online business stand out among many others.

You have to have your own website if you want to compete with your competitors.

Now, let’s get started and see how to make a website FOR FREE!

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What to Expect

It’s simple. By the end of this article, you will have an actual free website, with an actual legit domain.

When I mean legit domain, I DON’T talk about something like this:

A Really Long Domain Name

I talk about the real deal, plus an unlimited host space to run your website on, for free & forever!

And all of these will cost you exactly $0.00.

So, follow the 3 steps exactly as I laid them down, and you’ll have your website!

If you stay till the end, as a BONUS, I’ll show you how to publish your very first post on your website, using the WordPress content management system.

Make a Free Website Requirements

So far, we established that you will need $0.00. That’s great!

Other things that you’re going to need are a computer, laptop, or tablet, and an internet connection.

You can use smartphones, but I really don’t recommend it, since the display is small and everything is kind of compressed.

Computer Geek Pressing Keys on Keyboard
It’s no rocket science and you don’t need to be a computer scientist!

And if you are wondering what skills are involved in this, no special skills are required!

You just need to know how to use computers and the internet.

If you know how to move the mouse around & click, and type a few words on the keyboard, you’re fine.

Step #1: Claim a Free Domain

Let’s take our first step, and that is claiming a domain. To claim a free domain (or more), go to the Freenom free domain service website.

About Freenom

Freenom service is the best option for getting a free legit domain.

Freenom - A Name for Everyone

Their standard plans include up to 12-month free domain registration with unlimited renewals.

They currently offer .TK, .ML, .GA, .CF, and .GQ domain for free.

Check Domain Availability

Check for a domain name you like and see if it’s free to claim.

Check for Domain Availability
For this article, I checked for MyFirstWebsite.CF

If it’s the first time you are using this service, make sure you type in the dot.domain (e.g. .CF) from one of their offering domain names.

Upon clicking on “Check Availability”, you’ll be directed to another page, where you can see if the domain you wanted is free to claim.

Domain Status Check

If domain status was free and you could claim it, proceed to the next section by clicking on “Checkout”.

Check Other Available Domains
You can check for other domain names below to choose them as well. You can get more than one. They’ll be free unless noted otherwise.

Signup and Verify Email

If it’s the first time you use this service (and probably is) you have to verify your email.

So go ahead and enter your email address and click on “Verify my Email Address”.

Verify Your Email for Freenom

A few minutes later, you’ll receive an email from Freenom right in your inbox. Check the Spam folder too if you didn’t receive one!

Verification Email from Freenom

Open the email and click on the link provided in the content of the email.

Freenom Verification Link in Email

Afterward, you’ll be directed into a page, where you have to provide some information as the owner of the domain.

Freenom Domain Holder Information Form
As far as I know, Company Name, Phone Number, and Zip Code are optional.

Order a Free Domain

After submitting the form, you’ll visit the checkout screen, where you have to define the period for domain registration.

Select Domain Period

Under the “Period” column, select “12 Month @ FREE” and click Continue to complete your order.

Choose 12 Month @ Free Period

On the next page, you will see your domain name and price, which is $0.00.

Check the “I have read and agree blah blah blah” checkbox (You’ll never going to read it!) and hit “Complete Order”.

Check Freenom Terms & Conditions

And you’ll see the domain order confirmation page with your order number.

You’ll receive this order confirmation via email too, so feel free to close this screen.

Freenom Domain Order Confirmation

Therefore, you are the rightful owner of the domain name you have just claimed for free. You can view your domains HERE.

Step #1 is over and now we will continue to Step #2.

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Step #2: Signup for Free Hosting

There are a lot of hosting services offering free hosts for your website.

I can list at least 7 hosting services for you, but I’m going to jump right into the best one.

So let’s cut the corner and go to the InfinityFree hosting service website.

About InfinityFree

InfinityFree is the best option for getting a free host for your website. It currently offers the best plans among its competitors.

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and database *
  • Unlimited subdomain, addon domain, and parked domain
  • Relatively good speed
  • Good server uptime
  • More control over hosting service

* Read their Terms of Service to understand their Fair Use Policy.

There are downsides to almost every free hosting services, but with InfinityFree, you’ll get the most out of your unpaid bucks!

Let’s avoided getting technical. Go to the InfinityFree website, and click “Sign Up Now” to create a new account.

InfinityFree Free Hosting Service Website Homepage

Signup and Verify Email

There is a signup routine where you have to provide your email address and set a secure password as well as reading agreeing to the Terms of Service, which you never read!

Go ahead and fill the signup form and click “Create new account” at the end.

InfinityFree Signup Form

An email will be sent to your inbox for verification. Check your inbox as well as the Spam folder.

InfinityFree Verification Email

If you didn’t receive one, Click on Resend Email. If you did, open the mail.

InfinityFree Email
Email from InfinityFree should look like this. Check any unread email in your inbox. It’s probably there!

In the email content, click on the “Verify Email Address” to finish creating a new account.

InfinityFree Verification Email Content

Verification is complete and you have created a new account.

Now, before setting up your host account, you have to change your domain nameserver to point it at InfinityFree server directions.

Domain and Nameserver Setup

Go to the Freenom website again and sign in.

From the menu on the top, click on “Services” and choose “My Domains” in the submenus. Or go to this Link!

Freenom My Domains Section

From the list, find the domain you ordered for free, and click on the “Manage Domain” button at the end of the row.

Freenom My Domain List

In the next screen, click on the “Management Tools” tab and choose “Nameservers” from the submenu.

Freenom Manage Domain

On the next page, choose “Use custom nameservers” and fill “Nameserver 1” & “Nameserver 2” with the addresses provided below:

When done, click on “Change Nameservers” to apply the changes.

Freenom Nameserver Setup
NS1 in Nameserver 1 & NS2 in Nameserver 2

By doing this, your domain will be set with your host account.

Freenom Nameserver Change Done
Changes to nameserver will take 10 to 30 minutes to set completely!

Now you are done with domain & nameserver setup. It’s time to setup your hosting account.

Hosting Account Setup

Go back to the InfinityFree website and access the Client Area.

You have to create a new hosting account, which you can do it by clicking on the “Create Account” button.

InfinityFree Create new Account

In Step 1, you have to choose a domain name.

First, choose “Custom Domain” and then type your domain name in the text box marked in red below.

When done, click “Search Domain” to proceed.

InfinityFree Account Step 1

in Step 2, you have to provide some additional information for your account. Additional information here means “Account Label” which can be anything.

The account username will be generated automatically. You can choose a password or leave it empty to generate a secure one automatically.

Click “Create Account” to finish the process.

InfinityFree Account Label
Don’t forget to check “I am not a Robot” reCAPTCHA to prove you are in fact a real human being creating a new account for your free website!

On the next page, you are informed that your new account has been created. You can see your username too.

Click on “Open Control Panel” to access, you know, the control panel.

InfinityFree Account Step 3

Upon your first visit, you see an “IMPORTANT NOTICE” page with oversized texts.

Don’t worry. It just looks scary. It’s about sending email and newsletters.

Just click “I Approve” to access the control panel.

InfinityFree Important Notice

You are now in your free host control panel. Hosting control panels are a whole massive technical subject that we won’t get into.

Infinityr Free Cpanel

Is it Done?


You have a free domain and a free host for your website, but one piece is still missing!

You will need a CMS (short for Content Management System) to control your website. CMS is a software you have to install on your host to publish posts and content on your website.

We are going to use WordPress, but don’t worry, It’s free and installation is completely automated.

WordPress Logo

Step #2 is finished and we will continue to Step #3 to install and setup WordPress software.

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Step #3: Install WordPress + BONUS!

Now we are going to use WordPress software as a CMS to control our website content.

You don’t need to download anything or install anything manually. Everything will be automated.

About WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS).

WordPress claims that “35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online”. They’re not joking. WordPress is the best option to control your website content.

It’s free, and you can use a lot of themes and plugins to shape your website however you like. Therefore, we are going to use this for our free website.

Install WordPress

InfinityFree provided the best solution for website owners: Automatic Installer!

What you do, basically, is to choose your website title and description, and click install. DONE!

I’m going to show you how. In your host control panel, scroll down to the “Software” section, and click “Softaculous Apps Installer”.

InfinityFree App Installer

On the next page, click on the “WordPress” option to initialize installation.

Softaculous App Installer

Then click on “Install Now” to start the installation.

Begin WordPress Install

On the next screen, there are some fields you have to set. We are going to do them one by one.

In the “Software Setup” section, you don’t need to do anything since everything is ok.

If the “Choose Domain” field was empty, then type in your domain name.

Software Setup

Scroll down to the “Site Setting” section and type in your site name and description. They can be anything you like.

Site Setting
For site name, up to four words are ok, and for description, up to ten words are ok!

In the “Admin Account” section, choose a username and password for accessing the WordPress administration panel.

Also, type in your email in the “Admin Email” field.

Admin Account

At last, in the “Choose Language” section, select your desired language, and click “Install” at the bottom of the page.

Choose Language

Installation usually takes a minute or two.


When the installation is complete, you’ll see a message with two links.

One to your website and one to the WordPress administration panel. Click on your domain link to see your site.

Installation Done

It’s finished!

Your free website is now ready to use. You have just created a website with $0.00.

Your Free Website

Access WordPress Dashboard

To access the WordPress administration panel or Dashboard, just type “wp-admin” after your domain URL.

WordPress Dashboard URL

To log into the dashboard, type the admin username and password you chose during installation.

WordPress Dashboard Login

When logged in, you’ll see this neatly designed administration panel.

WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is the back-end of your website It is where you control everything about your website.

Now, as I promised, I’ll show you how to publish your first post on your website.

So please continue to Bonus Step to see how to do that!

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Bonus: Publish Your First Post

To publish your first post, go to your website WordPress dashboard.

In the dashboard, there is a menu on the right side of the screen.

Hover the mouse on the “Post” item on the menu and click on “Add New” from the submenu to create a new post.

Add New Post

In the text editor, you can choose a title for your post as well as the content. Write anything you like. The sky is the limit here.

WordPress Post Editor

To add an image to your website, go to a new line by hitting enter on the keyboard, click on the plus sign (+) at the end of the new line, and choose image from the menu.

Insert Image

A new image block will be created. Click on the upload.

Image Block

Choose an image from your computer hard drive to upload it to your website.

Choose an image

Now the image is in your post. You can edit the caption, resize it, etc.

Insert Image to Post

Now, to publish your post and let everyone see that, click on the “Publish” button on the top-right side of the screen.

Post Publication

A form will open just below the button. Choose “Public” under “Visibility” and click on the “Publish” button again.

Publish Form

Your post is now Live! You can see its URL (Or post address), copy it, and send it to others!

Post is Live

You and everyone else can see your post on your website.

Go ahead and share your website link with all your friends. Let everyone know your opinion and thoughts.

I say it again: The sky is the limit, so publish whatever you like!

First Post

You’re DONE! Now you know how to publish a post on your website too. Good luck!

The Bottom Line


You have just created your first ever website completely for free. Plus, you know how to post something on it.

You are one step closer to online business competition, But you are still in the beginning!

Relaxed after making free website
This guy just created his first free website, and now he’s relaxed!

Don’t sit back and relax like this guy! There are a lot of things you have to learn and do.

As beginners’ advice, publish posts and content regularly. Pay attention to your audience and choose subjects related to them. Use a lot of pictures, videos, podcasts, etc.

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Create social media accounts and update them when you published a new post on your website. Get engaged with your audience and let them know you care about them.

Read about WordPress, content writing, SEO, marketing, and business development.

Use a different theme to make your website look nice and slick. Try different plugins and see what you can add on your website.

I like to see you do them all and learn everything. Let me know what you are going to do with your new website in the comments down below.

Also, in the comments, send me the link to your new website and let me see what you are posting on it.

If you have any questions or advice, or you want to report a problem, you can Contact me directly too.


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