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I see you like to know a little bit more about me. So let’s start from the beginning to see how I make money online!

Who am I?

Hi. My name is Mehdi. Well, my full name is so long, so just go with Mehdi. Besides, all my friends call me Mehdi, so why shouldn’t you?

I am a 29 years old Iranian living in Istanbul, Turkey since 2019.

Mehdi Rashed
This is me. Yes, I am Iranian!

What is my job?

I’m a freelance business developer and marketing consultant focused on online and eCommerce businesses.

That is what I do for a living since 2017. Before that, I’d experienced a lot of jobs and different occupations.

I have to divide my business life into Six chapters.

Chapter One: Graphic Designer

Back in 2005, when I was 14, I started as a graphic designer making business-cards and stationery sets. Later, in 2008, I switched to 3D graphics, animations, and game development.

After that, I published my own game & graphic engine, called “Main Core Game Engine”. In the end, I sold it to a Russian company in 2012, thus put an end to this chapter of my life!

Chapter Two: Computer Business

After saying a big goodbye to graphics and programming, I started selling computers. It went for a good 6 months, but margins were so low, I didn’t like doing it anymore.

Therefore, I started Googling “How to fix computer electronics” and I watched a Youtube video. The next morning, I started fixing computer electronics for a living.

It was good, but not “Now I’m a successful person” good. So I stopped and searched for something new.

Chapter Three: I did Everything

It was the end of 2013, and I didn’t start a good business. I had no job and no money, but still had some hope!

Two Dice showing number 9
Just a small set of dice I found among my stuff!

Luckily, I was approached by a company for international communications and R&D. I needed the money so I worked there while I was working on my own ideas.

I learned a lot of things working there and used that experience later in my businesses.

Chapter Four: Make Money Online

It was around 2015 that I rented a small office and started working on my ideas. I finally had some free time after work so I decided to use it well.

Mehdi Rashed Office
My 2 by 4 meters cubical in the 5th level of a 20-something years old business complex.

The company I worked for merged with a big heavy industry holding, and I had to learn how to become a heavy industry contractor and supervisor overnight. Thank you, Youtube!

in 2016, I was the director of business development in the company, apparently. So the internet and Youtube came to the rescue.

I learned many things and used them in my own businesses. I started an entrepreneurial program and helped a few clients start their business.

Go Smarter Program
Go Smarter was the name of the entrepreneurial program I created to help people develop their businesses.

Later, I executed a logistics network and supplier outreach service, supplying many companies and governmental sectors across the country with consumer goods like stationaries, decorative, computers, etc.

Later, I started “Travel with Mehdi” Youtube channel and traveled all over Iran, filming all historical landmarks and cultures for foreign tourists. That was by far the best business I had.

Travel with Mehdi Logo
Old logo of Travel with Mehdi Youtube channel. Click on the picture to visit the website.

I started a side business from TWM, working as a travel agent and planner. Money was flowing in and I was happy.

I could make more than 50% of my income from online businesses, and not my boring daily job! I was successful in making money from the internet.

Chapter Five: Hiatus

I was doing great but I hat to take a long hiatus; two years in fact. Military services for men is mandatory in Iran, and I had to serve it one way or another.

Lieutenant in Military Service
Lieutenant Mehdi reporting for duty!

It was a good time. I was a computer operator, and I managed to find a lot of friends and learned many new things, so it wasn’t that hard either.

I had to put a big pause on all my businesses. During my service, I had enough time to learn much more about business development, marketing, eCommerce, and everything related to online businesses.

Chapter Six: A Fresh Start

During my military service, I learned in two years what a normal person can in two decades. After that, I left Iran and resided in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey
A view from my apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. Merhaba Istanbul…

What I do here is following what I learned and what I discovered about making money online. I help people online, start, expand, and improve their businesses.

What is my Goal?

It’s the 29th of May, 2020, and I started “Make Money Mehdi”. My goal here is to tell you everything I know. I’m here to show you how to make money online and how to start a successful business, so you too can become your own boss!

Go ahead and visit my BLOG to learn everything I know!