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About me

My name is Mehdi and I’m a 29 years old business developer from Iran living in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mehdi Rashed
This is me, Mehdi Rashed!

I’m a business developer now, but before, I almost tried everything. I’m a sort of “Jack of all trades” but “master of some” instead of “none”.

I highly recommend you to do so. Learn as much as you can and master the most important ones. It won’t take long, given that you can master a skill overnight on Youtube!

This is “Matey”. You should know him!

I was about 14 years old that I delivered my first project and made my first income. The project was designing a simple business card.

Sounds simple, but the efforts I had to learn Photoshop, find  a client, and deliver the job as a 14-year-older was interesting; at least for me!

Fifteen years later, after working in many industries and for different employers, here I am helping people develop their businesses.

My trade is to start and develop a business and make money from it, and I’m here to tell you a thing or two I know about this.

That’s enough about me. I’m not going to tell you everything I know in the “About me” page.

So, Go ahead and visit my BLOG to read what I have to say!